SethMasiaSeth Masia

Executive Director, ASES
Publisher, Solar Today
Seth joined the staff of SOLAR TODAY in November 2007 after earning a master’s degree in environmental journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He studied English as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, where he worked as a technical editor on physics and chemistry texts. Seth was technical editor of Ski magazine for 20 years. The work took him around the world to ski, and everywhere he went he saw glaciers retreating – so he began writing about climate change in 1991. Seth has written for BackpackerOutsideThe New York Times and dozens of other magazines, newspapers and websites. Beginning in 1994, he has helped to launch large website projects for Times Mirror Magazines, Microsoft Corp., AOL Time Warner and a number of small non-profit organizations.

Seth is the author of half a dozen books on mountain sports, and has won several awards for his writing and website innovations. Seth lives in Boulder with a rotating cast of pets, and has a daughter away at college. He does do-it-yourself solar energy projects and rides an electric motorcycle he built around a golf-cart motor. He picks banjo, but his first love is skiing. A fully certified instructor, he has taught at Squaw Valley and puts in holidays at the Vail Ski School.


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