May-June 2014



Seventh Annual Efficient Cars Roundup

Sales of plug-ins and hybrids grew 21 percent in 2013, to 592,232 cars— 3.8 percent of the new car fleet.

By Seth Masia


Building a Fleet of Electric-Drive Cars

We couldn’t wait for the factories, so we built our own.

By Steven Strong


Biofuels Progress: Where Do We Stand?

As ethanol stalls, the military and airlines push hard for new biojet fuels. Where will they come from?

By Seth Masia


Sustainable Transportation 2014

Shifting Gears for the Long Fight

By Lucas Dixon



To the Barricades

By Seth Masia


PV Power Map

PV Generation Potential for January and February 2014

By Adam Kankiewicz




Solar Impulse 2 to Circle the World

Solar Decathlon Heads to Colombia in 2015

New Ultrathin Material Has Solar Potential

Solar-Powered Toilet Produces Biochar

Dire Warning on Climate Change from IPCC



Get Involved with Your Local Air-Quality Process

By Robert Ukeiley



Green Business

Tesla Gigafactory: Boom for Rare Earths, Cheap Energy Storage

By Rona Fried, Ph.D.



Howzit Work?

Hybrid Cars: Parallel vs. Series



The Trade

Working Smart on Small Turbine Towers

By Mick Sagrillo



System Accomplished

Elevator Uses Solar and Storage for Net-Zero Operation

By Seth Masia

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