September / October 2011

SeptOct2011VOLUME 25, NO. 7

Big Ideas in Solar
By Mike Koshmrl, Seth Masia and Gina R. Johnson
SOLAR TODAY profiles innovators who are changing the game for renewable energy.

Near-Net-Zero in Northern Minnesota
By Dr. John Eckfeldt and Nancy Schultz, AIA, LEED AP
Just 25 miles south of the Canadian border, this passive house in Isabella is an experiment in solar heating, super-insulation and ecological balance.

Reforming Permitting, One Jurisdiction at a Time
By Mike Koshmrl

Battery Innovation Uses Semi-Liquid Electrodes
By David Chandler, MIT News Office

Artificial Intelligence Offers “Predictive” Monitoring
By Dave Menicucci

Best Substitutes for Coal
By Robert Ukeiley

A Better Backup for Solar/Wind? Think Biochar
By Ron Larson

The Trade
Small Wind Turbine Tower Foundations
By Mick Sagrillo

Systems Accomplished
Experimental Ikea PV Installation Returns Important Lessons
By Mike Koshmrl

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