November / December 2011

NovDec2011CVOLUME 25, NO. 9

Building a Solar Market in Milwaukee
By Amy Heart
Lessons learned on the road from Beer Town to Solar City.

To Achieve Net-Zero, You’ve Got to Live Net-Zero
By Marc Rosenbaum, P.E.
A yearlong study of eight high- performance homes confirms that performance ultimately comes down to household size and behavior.

Choose the Low-Hanging Fruit
By Norbert M. Lechner
PV may be the sexy strategy, but solar-responsive design is cheaper and, by reducing a building’s energy consumption, more sustainable.

2-Megawatt Distributed PV Project is Largest on a Public Housing System
By Seth Masia

DOE Oak Ridge Scientists Find Ethanol Gene

By Seth Masia

Solyndra and the Shakeout
By Mike Koshmrl

Jon Wellinghoff, FERC Chairman
By Seth Masia

BIPV Roof Overcomes Challenges
By Gina R. Johnson

System Accomplished

Installer Surmounts Snags at Seattle Stadium
By Mike Koshmrl

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