November / December 2008

NovDec2008VOL. 22, NO. 7

Solar Saves for Renters and Landlords
Energy upgrades cut costs for an affordable-housing development in Colorado.
By Seth Masia

Fitting Into a Mountain Environment

How a retired Silicon Valley executive built a house that soaks up the sun.
By Suzanne Johnson


Evacuated Solar Hot Water Tubes on a Roof

Selecting Your Solar Water-Heating System
Choose the one that’s right for your climate, water demand and wallet.
By Barry L. Butler, Ph.D.

RE News
Hansen’s New Number and What It Tells Us
By Chuck Kutscher

Solar Ski Factory Recycles Building, Waste

Small Wind
Zoning for Small Wind Turbines
By Mick Sagrillo

New Products
Focus on Sustainable Insulation



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