May / June 2013

VOLUME 27, NO. 4


Sixth Annual Efficient Cars Roundup
By Seth Masia
Plug-ins and hybrids reach toward half-a-million new cars a year in the United States.

Lessons in Sustainability
By Tom O’Neil, AIA, LEED AP
Phoenix’s new Fireside Elementary School harvests nearly as much energy and water as it consumes, with systems that double as teaching tools.

Precision and Profit at a Crossroads
By Chuck Hornbrook
An ANSI-certified meter with 0.5 percent accuracy can make all the difference to the PV system owner’s bottom line.

Strategies for Successfully Permitting Major Solar Projects
By Skip Spaulding and Mathew Swain
Use these best practices to maximize your ability to achieve financial and scheduling goals.

SOLAR 2013: Past Successes, Future Challenges

PV Power Map
PV Generation Potential for January and February

New Products
Hanwha SolarOne Debuts Module Upgrade
New Enecsys Microinverter Handles 300-watt Modules
Sunnovations Introduces Water Heating Monitor
Solarzentrum Launches Combined Heat-and-Power (CHP) Module
SunPower X-Series Hits 21.5 Percent Efficiency

Inside ASES
Sustainable Transportation Sets Annual Goals
ASES Names 2013 Award Recipients and Fellow

Viewpoint: Reducing Soft Costs Will Bring Success Beyond 2016
By Tony Clifford

The Long View: Zero Air Pollution
By Robert Ukeiley

Americans Already Pay a Carbon Tax
By Rona Fried, Ph.D.

The Trade
Installing a Wind Turbine? Make It Worthwhile!
By Mick Sagrillo

System Accomplished
Green Idea House
By Seth Masia

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