May 2012

May2012CoverVOLUME 26, NO. 3

The Thermal Energy Storage Solution
By Zhiwen Ma, Greg C. Glatzmaier and Chuck Kutscher
Thermal energy storage stores excess solar heat to extend the operating hours for concentrating solar power. Is it also the answer for increasing the grid value of electricity from wind and photovoltaics?

Playing the Angles for Solar-Responsive Design
By Norbert M. Lechner
Solar geometry provides the tools for effective passive solar heating, shading and daylighting.

The Breezeway House: Passive House Comes to Salt Lake City
By Dave Brach AIA, CPHC
A Utah couple builds their dream house, which incorporates the core goals of Passive House design — low energy use, thermal comfort and excellent indoor air quality.

Dow Powerhouse: Evolving Toward High Efficiency
By Seth Masia

Community Solar Gardens Offer Creative Business Model
By Joseph McCabe

Former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter
By Seth Masia

Remarkable Desertec Project Gains Traction
By Rona Fried, Ph.D.

System Accomplished
Solar Carries a Swimming Pool Through the Winter
By Seth Masia

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