March – April 2015

Net-zero energy affordable housing

Like many Hawai’ians, Cyrus and Keala Young have rooftop photovoltaics (PV) on their home.

VOLUME 29, N0. 2


The Economics of Load Defection
Utilities must adapt and appropriately value the grid benefits of solar and solar-plus-batteries technologies or risk losing customers to the new economics of these generators.
by James Mandel, Ph.D., and Leia Guccione

Deploying Distributed Energy Storage
As the number of grid-connected distributed energy storage installations increases, regulators will need to develop deployment strategies that benefit customers, utilities, and the clean energy community.
by Sky Stanfield and Amanda Vanega

Creating a Safe, Stable Grid for Solar
Inverter testing under simulated real-world conditions leads three Hawai’ian electric utilities to push ahead with incorporating more solar power into the grid.
by Don Gwinner

In Every Issue

solar Bike charger

Fuse 6V Solar Charger

Peak Oil Redux: A Structural Transformation of the Energy Economy?
by Timothy Schoechle, Ph.D., and James Turner, Esq.

West vs. South: Why Orientation Matters
by Adam Kankiewicz

Green Business
2014 Marks Tipping Point for Emissions, Renewables
by Rona Fried, Ph. D.

Policy Update
The Petrochemical Plant Boom: Impact on Clean Energy Progress
by Robert Ukeiley

Ask the Energy Expert
by Scott Sklar

The Trade
Small Wind Industry to Gather in Wisconsin in June
by Mick Sagrillo

Parting Shot
Tripping the (Solar) Light Fantastic
by Maureen McIntyre

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