March – April 2014

MarAprilSTCoverVOLUME 28, NO.2


Living Proof: Thinking Outside the Box at the Bullitt Center
Over the first eight months, the self-regulating six-story building produced twice the energy it used.
By Denis Hayes

NREL’s ESIF Data Center Houses a Supercomputer, Efficiently
The petaflop supercomputer is water cooled, and provides space heat to the offices.
By Molly Riddell

Net-Zero in Manufacturing
OPEX Corp., manufacturer of material-handling equipment, put up New Jersey’s largest privately held PV array to offset its entire electric load.
By Jim McMahon

Saved by the Space Race
Sixty years ago, PV faced an uphill battle with nuclear power. America’s satellite program rescued the solar cell.
By John Perlin

Music City’s Little Green House

This Nashville solar house combines recycled and reclaimed materials with a smart energy-saving design and rustic, modern aesthetic.
By Hana Crume and Richard Crume

Polar Vortex, California Drought
By Seth Masia

PV Power Map
PV Generation Potential for 2013
By Adam Kankiewicz

NRG Solar PlantAdvances
NRG Commissions World’s Largest Solar Plant
NREL: Troughs, Towers Offer Comparable Value
UCLA Team Reduces Cost of Perovskite Cell Manufacturing
Fuel Cell Runs on Biomass, Sunlight
Huge Vanadium Redox Batteries Deployed

The D.C. Circuit: Court of Appeals for Clean Air Act Rules
By Robert Ukeiley

Green Business
Japan’s Fukushima Commits to 100 Percent RE
By Rona Fried, Ph.D.

The Trade
Tenth Annual Small Wind Conference Set for June
By Mick Sagrillo

Howzit work?
Passive Solar Heating
By Seth Masia

System Accomplished
Solar Energy in Sea Water Heats Alaska’s Largest Aquarium

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