July / August 2013

VOLUME 27, NO. 5

 Maryland's Mount St. Mary's University PVExplosive Growth
By Larry Sherwood
Once again led by utility-sector installations, PV capacity installed in 2012 jumped 80 percent over the prior year.

Major Funding Through Micro-Investments
By Stephen Levy and Kenneth J. Lutz, Ph.D.
As a scenario for TVA demonstrates, such a program overcomes investment obstacles while spurring big benefits for investors, utilities, local economic development and the industry.

Managing the Dark Side of Trees
By K.K. DuVivier and Dan Staley
By specifying height limitations for vegetation in advance, solar access zones have the potential to make compliance easy.

A Net-Zero-Energy Learning Lab in Upstate New York
By Craig R. Clark, P.E., and Dave Kostick
Sophisticated monitoring at Alfred State’s demonstration home enables students to better understand performance of the renewable energy systems they built.

An Anniversary, A Turning Point

PV Power Map
Historical PV Generation Potential for March

New Products
SDS Redesigns Solar-Log PV Monitors
Multi-pin Connector Handles up to 1,000 Volts
Advanced Energy Launches Megawatt Inverter
Wagner Introduces Solar Thermal Flat-Plate Collectors
SMA Tripower TL Scaled for Commercial PV
Armored Tablet Designed for Construction Sites
Longer Rails Mean Fewer Posts
Fronius IG Plus Has AFCI for Code Compliance
Utility-Scale Inverter System from Nextronex
Trina Incorporates Tigo Optimizer
Unirac Creates Simple Ground Mount Tracker (GMT)
Butler Offers Residential PV-Powered Pumping Station

Inside ASES
Commercial Applications Ramping Up
ASES Board Names New Manager

Viewpoint: Follow State Energy Legislation with AEL Tracker
By Tom Plant

Closing the Clean Air Act Loopholes
By Robert Ukeiley

Sustainable REIT Goes Public
By Rona Fried, Ph.D.

The Trade
Before Climbing That Tower …
By Mick Sagrillo

System Accomplished
Collaborative Planning Speeds Construction
By Seth Masia

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