July / August 2012

JulyAug2012VOLUME 26, NO. 5

Big Time for Solar
By Larry Sherwood
Our annual market report finds more, larger systems helped double installed U.S. photovoltaic capacity last year over 2010.

An Off-Grid Retreat
By Hector Muñoz-Baras, AIA, NCARB, LEEDap
Though renewable energy wasn’t the clients’ priority, their dream retirement home exemplifies solar thermal innovation.

White is the Greenest Color
By Norbert M. Lechner
Selecting light-colored roofs and walls is one of the easiest ways to save energy and money. So why don’t we see more white roofs?

Rescuing Vacant Homes, Revitalizing Communities
Text and photos by Richard Crume
How one nonprofit is transforming broken-down houses into energy- efficient affordable housing — and creating good jobs for rehabilitation builders.

Coaxial Nanocable Outperforms Previous Microcapacitors
By Jade Boyd

Political Pollution in Congress
By Robert Ukeiley

ABB: Connecting Clean Energy to the Grid
By Rona Fried, Ph.D.

The Trade
Best Practices in Small Wind: Tower Climbing Safety
By Mick Sagrillo

System Accomplished
Solar Canopy Soars Above Trucks
By Seth Masia


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