January / February 2013

VOLUME 27, NO. 1

solar panels in boulder flatironsFEATURES
Why a Smart FiT Is Smart Policy
By Richard Perez, Tom Thompson, Thomas E. Hoff, Lyle Rawlings, Ken Zweibel, Pradeep Haldar and Rick Lewandowski
A modified feed-in-tariff would take the best elements of the most effective solar
energy compensation system to date but remove some of its weaknesses.

All-Solar in Austin
By David E. Martin
Texas’ Las Casas Verdes community demonstrates that with knowledge and careful planning, even a small builder can make a big difference in how society uses energy.

A Model of Comfort and Efficiency in Japan
Text and Photos by Richard Crume and Dr. Yoko Crume
Energy savings help this passive solar group home provide high-quality, affordable care to infants and children living apart from their families.

ASES Programs Power Forward

PV Power Map
PV Generation Potential for October and Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Inside ASES
Jason Shaw Shifts Gears, Becomes First Deaf Certified PV Installer

Utility Incentive to Grow Utah’s Solar Industry by 600 Percent
By Sara Baldwin

After Sandy: Will Backup Boom?
By Seth Masia

Use NEPA to Promote Renewable Energy
By Robert Ukeiley

A Small Business Manages Rapid Growth
By Seth Masia

SolarCity Goes Public
By Rona Fried, Ph.D.

The Trade
When the Payoff Seems Too Good to Be True
By Mick Sagrillo

New Products
PV Systems, Inverters and Components
SMA Upgrades Sunny Central Inverters
Skylight Includes Sun-Tracking Mirrors
MAGE Launches 300-Watt Module
JA Solar Building 270-Watt 60-Cell Modules
Siemens Launches Renewable RV Charger System
Solectria SmartGrid Inverter Hits 97.5 Percent CEC Efficiency

System Accomplished
Progress in Historic Preservation
By Seth Masia

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