January / February 2012

Volume 25, No. 1

Jan Feb 2012 Solar Today CoverFEATURES
Solar’s Visionaries on the Next 25 Years

By Alex Abdallah, Gina R. Johnson, Mike Koshmrl and Seth Masia
SOLAR TODAY celebrates a milestone anniversary in interviews with some of our most influential contributors.

Decathletes Lead with Location
By Richard J. King
By creating homes that address the ecology and culture of their own communities, participants in the 2011 Solar Decathlon took sustainable building to new levels.

For Aggressive Efficiency, Choose Passive Solar

By Norbert M. Lechner
Every south-facing window is a basic passive solar space-heating system. The challenge is minimizing heat loss while maximizing solar energy collected throughout the day.

Big Potential for Small Hydro

By Kurt Johnson
With its large untapped capacity, small hydro is attracting policymakers’ attention as a job-growth opportunity.

Japan Ramps Up Home Energy Management
By Dan Bihn

Rick Needham, Google’s Director of Green Business Operations and Strategy
By Seth Masia

ASES Member Spotlight
Tom Flint, Illinois Solar Energy Society

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