April 2013

VOLUME 27, NO. 3

Peter Reed and solar thermal hot water panelRethinking Solar Water Heating in an Age of Booming PV
By Jill K. Cliburn and Joe Bourg
SWH could relieve utility stress about the challenges of integrating so much PV, so fast.

Affordable Net-Zero-Energy in Outlying D.C.
By V. Paul Zanecki
By minimizing construction and utility costs, the Nexus EnergyHomes community in Frederick, Md., offers low-cost living — quite a feat in metro Washington, D.C.

Relieving a Glaring Problem
By Clifford K. Ho
Proper design and siting of solar energy installations is probably the most effective way to mitigate potentially hazardous glare.

Squeezing Utility Bill Savings from Commercial PV
By Kacey Hoover
Net metering or power purchase agreement? It depends on the customer and utility, but a study of North Carolina commercial customers finds that selling the PV generation yields the best savings, thanks to onerous net-metering charges.

Power Forward: An Industry in Motion

PV Power Map
PV Generation Potential for December 2012 and Monthly Average

Inside ASES
Join Us at SOLAR 2013
NESEA Wins Grant to Spur Zero-Net Homes
GEO Offers Statewide Lecture Tour

Is Fracking a Bubble?
By Seth Masia

Peak Oil Personalities
Review by Francis De Winter and Ron Swenson

Lessons From Reggie
By Robert Ukeiley

Acting Against Coal
By Seth Masia

Japan’s Big Jump Forward
By Rona Fried, Ph.D.

The Trade
Model Zoning Ordinances for Small Wind Turbines
By Mick Sagrillo

New Products
SOLAR 2013 Products Preview
Quick Mount PV Launches Zep-Compatible Mount
DHT Offers Dual-Coil Solar Thermal Tanks
Sorapro Monitor Shares Data Through Social Media
Sealed Charge Controller from OutBack
Solar-Log Data Reports Meet Incentive-Agency Standards
Trina Launches UL-Approved Frameless Module
High-Temperature Paint for Solar Coatings
Transformerless Residential Inverter from SMA
Creotecc Receives UL 2703 Recognition
Canadian Solar Debuts ResidentialAC Module
S-5! Launches Bracket for Metal Roofing

System Accomplished
Do-it-Yourself Pays Off for UPS
By Seth Masia

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