April 2010

April2010VOLUME 24, NO. 3


Going Solar, Step By Step
By Ed Wansing, with Carly Wansing
Since buying their first home in 2004, Ed and Carly Wansing’s sustainable living efforts have put them within sight of their net-zero-energy dream.

Will Solar Work for You?

By Dan Chiras
Here’s how to calculate the size of a grid-tied photovoltaic system by assessing your electrical use, your roof and your yard.

Brad Pitt and Jeff ShawSolar Hero
Jeff Shaw and Brad Pitt Light the Way
By Corey Dahl

Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Are Intermittent, Too
By Robert Ukeiley

Wind Power
Back to the Basics: Quantity + Quality = More Electricity
By Mick Sagrillo

Howzit Work?
Hybrid-PV Thermal Panel
By Seth Masia

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