Attend Colorado PUC Hearing, July 24

Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association invites solar advocates to attend the next meeting of the Public Utilities Commission

Next Thursday, July 24, is the first workshop on net metering sponsored by the Public Utilities Commission. We are working hard on answering a series of questions about net metering and its impacts on the solar industry – posed by regulators – and we will have representation on the panel.

We need a strong showing of rooftop solar supporters to attend the hearing and make it clear that we support fair net metering.  

Please join us:   

July 24th – 9:30 a.m.  ( Panel is from 10-noon)

PUC hearing room 

1560 Broadway Suite 250 

Denver, CO 80202

The following week, Denver will be the only city west of Pittsburgh to host one of four national hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. The plan calls for reducing carbon emissions from existing power plants by 30% from 2005 levels. Clean energy such as solar power, is one excellent way states can plan to meet the new carbon standards. This initiative provides an exciting opportunity to showcase the jobs and economic benefits of solar, as well as savings on greenhouse gas emissions and water.

Because of overwhelming interest, the EPA has added a second day to the hearings so they will be July 29 and 30. Sign up to testify and make your voice heard by registering here.

Even if you don’t testify, attend our clean energy breakfast across the street from EPA at COSEIA’s home, the Alliance Center at 1536 Wynkoop St. in downtown Denver on July 29 — and then go to pack the EPA hearing room.

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One Response to Attend Colorado PUC Hearing, July 24

  1. paul kangas Reply

    July 17, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    Solar Payment Policy

    It shall be the law in California., to require Pacific Gas & Electric ( hereafter PG&E), to pay  $0.29 kwh to any Berkeley resident feeding solar, or any renewable energy onto the grid, for 20 years. 
    This will help create thousands of jobs, and power with clean, quiet, unlimited, free, decentralized, safe solar energy.

    Why $0.29 kwh?    We are in an emergency.  Our climate is in chaos. We must switch from conventional fossil fuels & atomic energy, to solar and renewables as fast as possible.

    By requiring Utilities to pay a premium, reasonable rate, we hope to inspire home owners to invest in adding solar panels onto their roofs now, or during remodeling or rebuilding homes.
    Renewables are: solar, wind, hydro, and geo thermal.

    Home owners need to know how they will get paid back for their investment, and at a rate of return high enough to cover their costs & give them a five percent return on their investment.    
    At $0.29 kwh they should be able to repay their bank loan in seven years.

    After that they will receive free energy from their panels, plus earn a reasonable income from their solar investment. Our goal is to inspire home owners to install enough solar panels so their home becomes a decentralized mini-Utility and so make Calif 80% renewable by 2022.

    As the percentage of solar on the grid rises, year by year, to replace conventional energy, all conventional power plants in the state, must be shut down. This shut down evaluation shall happen each year.

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