Oklahoma Enacts Solar Surcharge

Law imposes higher fees on distributed generation.

Oklahoma citizens have until Nov. 1 to connect new grid-tied solar and wind generators without incurring a fixed monthly charge. Nov. 1 is the effective date of a new “solar surcharge,” signed into law April 21 by Governor Mary Fallin. Existing solar arrays and wind turbines, and those commissioned before Nov. 1, are grandfathered in at existing connection charges.

The new law provides that no electric utility company “shall allow customers with distributed generation . . . to be subsidized by customers . . . who do not have distributed generation.”

The new law provides that “A higher fixed charge for customers . . . that have distributed generation . . . is a means to avoid subsidization between customers . . . and shall be deemed in the public interest.”

The amount of the surcharge is yet to be determined. Utilities are directed to implement new tariffs by Dec. 31, 2014.

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