Racing with the Sun

Minnesota Solar Boat Regatta

Photo: Doug Shoemaker

It’s back-to-school season, but with the educational programs of local ASES chapters, some students didn’t stop learning when summer rolled around. At the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society’s 19th Annual Solar Boat Regatta in May, teams from middle schools and high schools across Minnesota competed in slalom, speed endurance and solar-only races on Lake Phalen in St. Paul.

The Orono Middle School Girls Solar Boat Team was the only all-girls team to compete in the regatta this year.

In Springfield, Mass., more than 100 qualifying middle school teams competed in the Northeast Junior Solar Sprint.


Photo: Matthew Cavannaugh

Run by the ASES chapter, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, in June, the event challenges students to build a model solar electric car, deepening their understanding of real-world applications in math, physical science and solar energy.

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